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Who's in this club anyway?
We are a friendly group of queer women and men who enjoy bicycling. (Straight friends can cycle with us, too.) We welcome cyclists of all abilities, casual bikers and serious racers alike.
How do I join?
Use the "Join" button on the left side of this page. The one-time $5 membership fee you pay is used to maintain our website.
When are the rides?
Rides can be at any time but are most often on weekday evenings and weekends. All upcoming rides may be found in the calendar.
How do I lead a ride?
Become a member and post your ride on our calendar. For tips on how to be a successful ride leader, consult the Rides section.
What other activities may I post on our website?
Potlucks, dinners at restaurants, weekend trips, bar meet-ups, movies, etc. Just be sure to designate these in the category of "social event" on the calendar. Note: this website is not to be exploited for commercial, political or offensive purposes.
Why does the website forget that I am logged in?
There are two causes for this. 1) You have been on the same page for too long and your session has timed out. 2) You need to enable cookies. Our website uses cookies to remember that you have logged in.
What if I want to race?
Members can add racing events to the calendar. Some members have raced at the Gay Games.
I haven't been on my bike this year. Is there a ride I could go on?
Yes. An "Easy" ride is the pace for you to start out. You can eventually move up to the next level. Check out the Rides section.
How will I know the route?
We always ride as a group and there will be a ride leader who will know the route.
How do I contact the ride leader?
Members can click on the ride leaderís name in either the calendar or message board area.
Can I volunteer to help the club?
Yes! Leading a ride is the most important way to volunteer. Other volunteer opportunities include web page maintenance, special event coordination or serving as a board member. Contact us for more information about these and other opportunities.
What if I don't own clipless pedals?
You are not alone; not all of us do.
I'm from out of town. Can I join a ride when visiting the area?
Yes, we hope you will. Check the upcoming rides in the calendar. Let members know you are coming by contacting us. Someone will be glad to show you the ropes.
Is my privacy protected?
Absolutely. Different Spokes does not share your information with anyone. There is a privacy check-box on the membership form. You can update your profile at any time. Please note: If you post a ride to the calendar, your e-mail address and phone number will be made available to other members only.
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